I will write an article about dating and relationships


I have studied psychology, dating techniques and
strategiesfor 12 years, and have taught
many students in these areas.

I am a very experienced writer with ten years’
in this industry. My clients include
the world’s biggest dating websites and their affiliates.

I understand content marketing and can
tailor the content based on your needs.

Since 1996, I have been the winner of multiple creative
writing competitions internationally.

If you need the article sooner, please contact me so that I can
organize a personalized gig for you.

I have published books in English and in Chinese since
2006, and have done ghostwriting for dating gurus and celebrities
in the United States and in China, too. Now you know you
are in good hands.


vicissitudemag:Great Work

jadepearlhouse:Outstanding experience!!

rexyou:Outstanding writer!

jadepearlhouse:Fantastic experience!

primus_germany:Good work!

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