I will write all original content for you up to 500 words


I am an experienced writer of online content including
well-researched articles, blog posts and website content. I have
owned a number of blogs and also have been a guest contributor
for some other people’s blogs over the years.

I do all my own research from a number of sources and I will
include them if requested. I am familiar with many SEO techniques
and will incorporate supplied keywords when possible.

I am willing to write on most topics with the exception of adult
themes. I reserve the right to decline any topic that I am not
comfortable writing about and will request an immediate

I will be setting up a number of Gig Extras to include:
Express Delivery (not available in conjunction with 1000
word extra
1000 words


escavienne:Always a pleasure

soonerdad3:It was great working with you on this order

redacro:Thank you.

soonerdad3:Great working with you as always

domenigo:Great work as per usual ..thank you !!

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