I will write a Linux how to guide (+Screenshots) that you can post on any blog/website as your own.


Linux is an widely used Operating System. But the main power of
Linux lies within its command line interface. Most of the people
are terrified of command line interfaces. Worry no more, I will
write step by step installation and configuration instruction on
any Linux software. So you can copy-paste the commands and get
your work done very easily.

What I need to work:

  • The Linux distibution you’re using(i.e Ubuntu, Debian,
    CentOS, Fedora, SUSE etc)
  • The version of Linux distro you’re using(i.e Ubuntu 18.04,
    Debian 8, Debian 9 etc)
  • The software that you want to install or configure.


  • I will write installation instructions for only a
    single Linux distribution and a Single version
    of it per gig. If you want it to work on more
    than one Linux distro, then you must buy more gigs.
  • If you
    packages for your blogs/websites, then you must post it on my
    name. If you want to post it as your own article, then please
  • Necessary screenshots are included.

Before placing an order, please contact me to confirm if
I am able to do what you want me to do for clarification. Of
course, no one knows everything.


:Great job. Thank you.

:looks great!

:Excellent thank you!

:Excellent thank you!

:excellent job, thank you!

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