I will write a blistering listicle to drive traffic to your blog


Scientists agree that most humans have an attention span of 9
seconds- yet we insist on bombarding our prospective customers
with huge volumes of information that they have no time to
consume. Enter the listicle to the rescue.

Listicles work perfectly:

Use less text
Present information in a list format (5
Include an imagefor each list
Are easy to digest
Keyword rich
Excellent for SEO
Brief and direct
Great for viral sharing
on social media
Never overwhelm the

Listicles enable prospects to instantly process information,
make quick
judgmentsthat make the viewer more
likely to ‘click’ and enter your sales funnel,
Content Marketing on SEO steroids and have proven to reduce
bounce rates and increase CTR.

With this Gig you get:

Original content that is
fact-checked and copy-edited
material, including links to back up facts and point to
High-quality stock
Images Included with every package

This is a premium quality gig that delivers a punch and will
make your blogs and website pop and get reactions!

Work samples: http://writeguy4us.com.

Pre-project consult available. Contact me for more


fisch796:Really good list and well written! Thorough research and
explanations to readers.

silberma1976:Thank you for the feedback! Great to be able to
write for you!

jamaicavillas:Thank you for another great article. Exactly what i

silberma1976:Thanks- my pleasure!

jamaicavillas:Thank you so much. Exactly what I was looking for.

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