I will use a photo of your dog, or other animal/person, and make the say whatever. Up to 30 seconds.


I will use the photo shown to make my dog say whatever you would
Or if you prefer I can take a new photo and have him in a
different pose/background, etc.
Or if you prefer I can use your photo of your dog, other animal,
or yourself, saying whatever you would like!

Additionally, if you’re not interested in the voiceover/animation
and would just like photos of my animals, and/or videos of them
being cute or for testimonials I can do that as well!

Regardless please message me prior to ordering to make sure that
you order the correct package and that we are on the same

Angel 🙂


silentxiv:Super awesome and so cute!!

angel_1987:Great Buyer! Would love to work with again! 🙂

ferebee:She did an awesome job and I really appreciate her honest
review. I think her pets where great too! She made it look real
natural and authentic. I hope to work with her again soon. Thanks

angel_1987:Awesome! 🙂 I am SO glade you enjoyed the review! It
truly is an awesome product that is already improving both of my
pets behavior and health! Thanks for the added tip as well-it is
much appreciated!!! I would love to work with you again in the
near future!

silentxiv:Super awesome and so cute!!

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