I will translate from english to russian or from russian to english



I am a linguist and I’m bilingual. I’ve worked as a translator
for over 8 years.

I have translated over 1,200,000 (!) words from English to
Russian and from Russian to English.
I work fast and I provide great quality. Here’s what you get:
  • A quality manual translation. No google translation or other
    machine translation tools.
  • A proofread text. I always check my translations.
  • A neatly formatted translation. The result comes in a table,
    where the original is to the left and the translation is to the
    right. Very easy to work with.
  • Any corrections (should they be necessary) are done even
    after the order is closed and completed.

My goal is to keep you satisfied andI treat every order
very seriously.
I promise dedication and wonderful results.


P. S. Some background.
Most ‘translators’ here just use google translate and polish it
up a bit. I know because I used to try to buy translations (to
other languages) here. It’s very hard to find an honest and
diligent worker on Fiverr. This is why I started offering my work
here. I take pride in what I do. I guarantee results.


:fast and high quality translation

:Great communication, great translation. thanks!

:Great work and very fast delivery, thank you!

:All is good. Thanks)

:Thanks! Good Job.

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