I will translate from english to filipino tagalog or vice versa


Some quick facts:
  • Excluding English, Tagalog is now the third most spoken language in the US. (Source: ACS 2009)
  • Filipino, the standardized variety of Tagalog, is spoken as the main or secondary language of 73 million people in the world. (Source: Ethnologue 18th ed., 2015)

If you want your product, service, or app to access all socioeconomic levels of the Philippine market, you’ve got to communicate with them in Filipino-Tagalog.

That’s where I come in. I translate from and to Filipino for online clients and for TV, and my work includes personal correspondence, copy material, TV shows, film subtitles*, app and website UI, and more.
The basic gig is limited to 400 words per order. For longer works, please message me first for a custom quote. I do give discounts for extra-long material (5k words and up).
Other Tagalog services you might be interested in:
  • *Subtitling Tagalog videos (including films and TV shows): https://www.fiverr.com/haestella/transcribe-your-tagalog-audio-or-video
  • Proofreading Tagalog text: https://www.fiverr.com/haestella/express-proofread-practically-anything-in-filipino-tagalog


:Very committed and very well translated.hard-working person puts a lot of effort to satisfy his buyer..I recommend every one who need a professional translator.

:Did a fantastic job balancing between the jargon in our document and Tagalog. Fast, communicative, and quality. Highly recommended.

:Translation was fast and efficient

:Thanks a lot! You did great on your translation and very fast!

:Thank you!

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