I will translate any text in English into perfect Swedish within a few working hours. + See More


Over 1000+ positive Feedback & Reviews! I will guarantee you high quality, in time delivery!

I will translate up to 500 words per gig from English to Swedish or Swedish to English.

If you have special requests or very long texts or specific deadlines please contact me beforehand.

Do you need translation within 24h ? Check out my express gig!

Everything is translated by hand! You dont have to worry about machine software translations!

KINDLY NOTE: Casino related content is subject to a higher rate of $0.03 per word.

Not satisfied? No charge! No questions asked.

If you have any specific questions? Thensend me a message. I’ll respond within 8 hours!

My Experience:

Everything from website translations to blog articles. I have long-term clients who send me articles on a weekly basis. I have probably written on the most topics you can come up with.

I look forward to talk more about you and your project/business!

All the best,



:As usual a great job!!! Fast, precisely and punctual. \nI really recommend Fredrik as the best SE translator.

:Thank you very much for those kind words Dorota! It was my pleasure. Good luck with the project!!!

:Good work!

:Thank you Majakosiol! Always a pleasure. Talk soon 😉

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