I will translate 250 words from english into polish


Welcome one and all to my main gig!

My name is Damian and for $10 I will translate 250 words

Be sure to ask for a custom offer if you don’t like the
ready-made packages.

I offer a high quality and tailored translation service. My rate
might seem expensive at first, but it is still cheaper than if a
translation agency were to charge you (trust me, I worked at
one). Buy my gig if you are looking for
thebalance between price
and safety
For $10 you are buying the
confidence in your words. Here is what I believe:
Say it right and it will work.

My areas of expertise:

✅ Business (contracts, presentations,
GDPR, T&C,websites).
✅ Education
✅ Android apps and games.

I also have experience with copywriting and I publish my own
short stories; therefore, I am sure I can cope with creative
pieces of writing (see my other

Over 100 successful orders.
100 per cent satisfied buyers.
Look no further. Write me a message and we will get things


pjinterrogator:Excellent, as always.

polishwords:It is always a pleasure to work for David. For this
project I translated a transcript for a historical video on
Stalin, 2,300 words.


polishwords:The project was about retranslating songs and a
speech. The original translation done by a different traslator
was severely lacking in quality due to the extensive use of GT.
Kudos to the buyer who had noticed some of the problems and
contacted me to double-check.

pjinterrogator:Very good work.

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