I will send you a full set of patent registration documents


Got an idea, want to monetizefor
patentregistration. I will give you a full patent
registration service.

Through this service you will get a full patent and trademark
registration package, the package includes:

  1. Application for a License to Display Trademarks
  2. Copyright Assignment
  3. Guide for Buying & Selling Intellectual Property
  4. Guide for Registering a Trademark in USA
  5. IP Sale Agreement
  6. Patent Assignment
  7. Patent License Agreement
  8. Permission Request to Use Copyrighted Material
  9. Permission to Use Copyrighted Material
  10. Permission to Use Quote or Personal Statement
  11. Trade Name License Agreement
  12. Trademark Assignment

This offer is valid for a limited period …


helloworld222:Outstanding Experience!

thomasims:Outstanding Experience!

gmohareb:Thank you…

gnadly:Great documents, Thank you very much.

gmohareb:Outstanding Experience!

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