I will record a youthful, believable, millennial voice over


I am a full-time commercial director/voice-over talent and have
lent my voice to TV, Radio, and Internet spots, Phone Systems,
Consumer Products, Promos, Kickstarter and Crowdfunding Videos,
Trailers, and more for a variety of clients. As a millennial male
my approach is youthful, believable, conversational, and emotive.


ronan1382:In my second time working with him, Josiah again
delivered exactly what I needed for my project. Thanks!

josiahsampson:Always a pleasure working with you dude!

ronan1382:After previously hiring 2 other top rated voice actors,
Josiah was finally able to give me the emotional reading I was
needing for my video project. It was done quickly and he only
needed one take. It was great working with him and I highly
recommend him.

josiahsampson:So pumped to have been able to be a part of this

artyomvidzemsky:We are fully satisfied with the result and would
love to work again.

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