I will record a native male german voiceover for you


Hello and welcome to my Voiceover Gig exclusively here on Fiverr!

My Name’s Raphael I’m a 22 year old man and I’m just started on
Because of that, my pricing is really low, so that I can gain as
much experience as I can to become a good Voiceover talent on
this website.

I’m a rapper and therefore I have a really good voice, I’m good
at imitating characters like Goofy or Cartman, too.

Mostly I will provide anenergetic and enthusiastic
. If there are any other wishes just tell me!

If you wish to have a conversation regarding a Gig with me, just
hit me up with a message and I will reply as soon as possible!

Please do not order my Gig if your Script includes
moaning/groaning or other sexual sound effects.

My pricing goes as follows:
5$ per 200 words. Normal delivery time is 2 days.
Extras are listed below and can be discussed with me through

I hope you like my Gig!
If so, hit me up with your order details and I will make sure
that your Fiverr experience will be truly outstanding! 🙂


olgaopryshko:Thank you!

raphman:Thank you!

olgaopryshko:Thank you!

raphman:Thank you!

olgaopryshko:Thank you!

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