I will record a 250 words video with your script


Video streaming is fast becoming the number one activity on the
internet today which is why a lot of companies and individuals
who are really serious about their business are moving with this

Video contents undoubtedly offer more advantages when placed side
by side with written andeven image

Virtually every website and app now accommodates videos
including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs and so on which
makes it very easy to circulate.

Internet users including your website visitors would rather
watch a short video than read through your written

It is in this light that I am offering this gig where I will be
yourprofessional spokesperson
I will talk about your company with a scriptwhich you will
I can also write your script

With my years of experience in the PR industry, I belong to the
school of thought where SHOWING is more important than just

My videos do both.

Kindly get in touch as i look forward to working with you


mikhailpodlinev:good video

devideoguru:Unacceptable Experience

jordyvredeveld:He’s the best!

devideoguru:Always a pleasure working with you Jordy

xarcky:Fast response and exactly what I needed! Would definitely

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