I will read a script you provide or improv the video! I can add in your logo or website address.


I will be the spokesperson for your company, business or service!

I can follow a script that you provide, improvise the video using
my own words, or write a professional and customized script for

I am able to edit in your website address, phone number, email
address, add a photo or logo to the video, or wear a special
outfit (business, workout attire, etc).

I am able to shoot in front of a green screen, white wall, in a
home environment, or outside in nature.


If you post the video anywhere on the web, can you please send me
the link so I can add it to my resume!!! I love seeing my work
out there and would very much appreciate it.

Thank you!

Monique lt;3


mayurpanchal518:Quality end product. As per.

lifeanswers:Thank you! Great working with you.

uskincare:Very good to work with.

lifeanswers:Thank you!

jacobdigitalmkt:very good. completely follow your instruction, no
complaint and I will take another video with her later.

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