I will perform testing for web and mobile based applications


Have I got your attention!!!

Excellent 🙂
Thank you for seeing my profile.
I am aSoftware Engineeringand I have 5+ years of
experience in doingSoftware

Testing is important because:

  • Only the development process does not guarantee that the
    product is free from defects
  • The tests indicate the presence of defects in the product
  • When a product is not tested, there is a good chance that the
    product contains errors or defects, so this product will not meet
    customer and users need

Whatwill I test?

I will do the detail QA testing and I will test the following
things of your website/Mobile app

  • Functionality
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Bugs and errors
  • Design

What will ideliver?

  1. Screen shots of issues found
  2. Screen Recording video
  3. Suggestions for improvement

Order delivery depends upon the complexity of the project

You are welcome to contact us!
I am looking forward toworking with you
**Let’s talk via inbox first so as to agree on
testing scope







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