I will perform excel analysis on your business


Working on data analysis and reporting as a full time job since 2006, I will be pleased to help you analyze your business during my free time, cause it’s a new and very challenging experience

I will:

  • provide you Excel graphs, charts or tables, showing your incoming or costs analyzed by any kind of entity (days, months, regions, countries, categories, lines…)
  • enhance your data with formulas to get new elaborated info
  • compare data from different sources to enrich one source with info coming from another one, or look for any mismatch
  • Perform data manipulation (filtering, sorting, duplicate removal, conditional formatting)

In case you don’t want to share your sensitive info you can send me fake ones and replace them after my delivery: anything will automatically be refreshed with your true data

Before you submit an order please inbox me your requirements and expect some clarifications, so that I can get 100% a clear understanding and we both have a better chance to be successful

Just joined Fiverr… don’t lose this promotional price!!!

Feel free to contact me for any doubt or info: if not available at the moment I will be pleased to reply ASAP

Thank you







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