I will organise features and write user stories for agile software development projects


You may not yet know how to efficiently organise software
development projects, manage developers, write and manage user
stories, and define technical requirements…

I am here to help you solve your software development

I have been working in, and managing Agile teams
developing multi-million $ COMMERCIAL software since 2004. I
became a Certified SCRUM Master in 2008 and am experienced with
SCRUM, Kanban and SCRUMban.

I have also written a best selling book for tech startups.

I will write your user stories for you from a quality
requirements document, and help you organise your ideas and
requirements into:

– Epics

– Features, and

– Detailed user stories, ready for your development team to
review and work on

I can work in Excel / Word, Google Drive, Trello, Target Process,
JIRA, and Mingle – your requirements can be added to any of these

I also provide feedback, consulting & mentoring
advice based on my 10 years+ experience of building professional,
high quality software from scratch for small businesses and
multinational, corporate companies.

Click to order now and let’s get started.


:Awesome job! Better than expected! Thanks a lot for your great

:He knows what he is doing, and doing it very fast!

:Kay Did a Great Job. Not only did she take the time to Learn
what I was looking to Accomplish, but also offered valuable
advice. Thanks again.

:Many thanks for the review anthonyreyna. I wish you all the best
with your endeavours!

:The seller was great and professional. I highly recommend!

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