I will make you a professional spokesperson


You will receive for 5$:

  1. 70 words script. (English or spanish)
  2. will add background music (like the video)
  3. Quality video
  4. Two change of clothes (-black in the video- and green
    with white t shirt)
  5. Delivery in 3 days

Policy and specifications:

1) I donĀ“t do adults, get rich quick, religious,

2) I will do birthday greetings, invitations to events, greetings
in english or spanish, just send me a message before ordering.

3) You must provide the script.

4) I will read the word script as you sent me. Please check your
script before sent to me.

5)I will record in my on style (like the video). If you
want an specific way, you must provide me the tone and gestures
to avoid paying reeshots.

6)If you need two videos or more from the same GIG(for
example: 2 videos standard) you have to send me a message before

7) You must have to send me a message before
ordering the Extra fast delivery PRO (1 day).

If you have doubts feel free to send me a message
before ordering.


:Great experience!

:Great buyer!

:Thank you for your work.

:Excellent buyer! your welcome!

:professional, high-quality video!

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