I will make a promo video for your product


*Top Rated Seller*
*Over 6000 sales*

If you’re looking for a quality promotional video for
your product or business…then you have come to the right

Don’t see the package you

Just send me a
message and I will create a custom offer for your

All videos include:

  • Professional audio
  • Professional Lighting
  • 1080p HD
  • 4K
  • Additional angles, panning, and close up
  • Custom location orbackground (green screen
  • Your choice of attire (choose from photos
  • Add your logo, text, or music!

*Please add $30 for scripts over 300 words (in
addition to base) to cover production time*

*No revisions unless I make a mistake. Buyer must
include pronunciation for unusual words.

Sorry, I do not make videos about:

✘ dating sites

✘ adult related material

✘ other fiverr gigs,

✘ dieting/weight loss supplements

✘ financialexaggerations

✘paid followers

When buying you agree not to use my image tosend
unsolicited messages.
I reserve the right to cancel any order that I
All videos are fabricated & do not represent a personal


:Excellent service, patient and understanding. Will use again.

:great seller I like her and i think she tried her best to
provide best service. Thank you so much.

:Delivered Late.\nSounded robotic.\nNot recommended.\n

:I am sorry you are not happy with the video! The script was
confusing. I offered to reshoot with more clear instructions.

:Your Amazing Jayne!

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