I will make a competitor destroyer amazon listing


You checked 10 times in a day to your amazon seller app and don’t
see any sales ??

Even if you spend too much on PPC and you still don’t have any
sales ??

Let’s optimize your listing to see some sales !

If you are new seller, don’t pay much on amazon courses !

Let’s make a difference !

gt; Fully optimized title with gold keywords

gt; Fully optimized 5 bullet points and creative bullet

(if you want, fun and creative bullet
points can be prepared 🙂 )

gt;Fully optimized description with HTML

gt; All product images with photoshop editing ; color,
brightness, effect , placement, background removal , removing
objects and etc.

gt; Gold keywords for PPC campaign

gt; Amazon and Listing supports

gt; Laser Beam Focusing Content and Fast Delivery with
creative listing team !

All you need for a perfect listing is at the same package !

Let’s make money together !

Prices are valid for limited time so don’t miss sales !







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