I will happily record a voice for any project you may have! I am professional, easy to work with, and can get the job done on time! I have worked with clients of all kinds from all over the world and maintain a five star rating! I put 100 percent into every project, and all samples will be edited and mastered to ensure the best quality possible! Let’s work together! Let me know if you have any questions, I am here to help!


“The best Fiverr consultant! Enjoyed working with Dev, I’ll
do more videos. Terrific VOICE!”

I will provide you a professionally recorded American male voice
for any project, sometimes within the same day! I have my own
recording booth with professional equipment. I am very easy to
work with and will make sure your project is a success!

Services include:

Explainer videos

internet/YouTube use

TV commercials

Radio commercials

Instructional / training videos

Reviews for your business/product

Podcast Intros/Outros


Anything requiring a voice!


Type the exact word count of your script into
the “Number of Words” box when you order.


If you need help with anything, please send me a message and I’ll
respond quickly. Send me your script when you message

Please note my prices have gone up
but I will offer same pricing to return clients


frontside:Wonderful experience and excellent work! Very
professional and friendly, great voice and fast communication!
Highly recommended!\n\nLooking forward to working with you again

devmad630:Outstanding Experience!

frontside:Wonderful experience and excellent work! Highly
recommended!\nThanks again!

devmad630:Outstanding Experience!

moriellevi:great job!

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