I will draw pixel art to your specifications


If you you need special custom made illustration, profile
picture, avatar, website banner, game graphics (characters,
animations, backgrounds etc.) or anything else made out of
pixels, this is the right place for you.

I can recreate any style you want and work with images and
references to draw something personal just for

To get best results please CONTACT ME before ordering.

Defined packages are just required suggestions.
you always could get a custom offer from

* Final delivery includes drawing in original size and two larger
resolution files.
** If you use this art in a game, you should mention me in
credits as an artist.


danielchamberln:Great artist, but even better at interpreting
what to do. Great work!

jeimansutrisman:he’s a very kind person, can’t wait to work with
him again

asantelewis:Best pixel artist on Fiverr by far. Thanks again bro

jeimansutrisman:Another great experience, a really patient buyer,
thanks for order a gigs from me 😀

zuehtisham:I honestly can’t explain how grateful and satisfied I
am as a customer of Jei. Not only did he put in 110% effort, care
and understanding into the art. He was keen and open to make
changes, offer ideas, meet deadlines and provide an extremely
stylish and professional sprite sheet. \n\n10/10 Pixel artist,
and artist overall!…. Amazing work again.

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