I will draw any idea feeling portrait tattoo designs illustration for gifts


Would you like a great illustration to convey some feeling? Do you want to express some emotion to someone and do not know how? then here I am !. I work with any type of black and white drawings, from realism, pointillism to portraits and tattoo designs, sometimes they could be combined with some colors to achieve more visual impact. whatever you wish. I DRAW IT!
Did you have any crazy ideas that you would like to see reflected in an illustration? I do!. Imagine being able to leave the monotony in your relationship by giving away an illustration that transmits some phrase you want to say to your partner.
An unforgettable detail Ideal to give as a gift on a postcard, a letter, a wallpaper or just a very personalized detail. When the work is ready I will scan it, edit it and send the image. with photos in different shots of the drawing in real physics.


:Excellent work and great communication

:great coop.. hope to work a lot in the future

:Amazing ! I have some other ideas later on I’ll bounce off you as well. Thanks !

:I requested a very detailed anatomical drawing and the artist delivered exactly what I wanted. He was willing to revise multiple times until it was perfect. I am very satisfied with his effort, timeliness and skill. Highly recommended!!

:Great service

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