I will do small bug fixes in iOS app


Develop your ideas in to iOS (iphone/ipad) apps using Swift 4.

  1. REST api and web services integration
  2. Animations
  3. Auto Layout for all iOS devices
  4. Coredata for offline support
  5. RealM for offline
  6. BugFixing and Submitting app to Appstore
  7. TestFlight
  8. Firebase
  9. Push notifications
  10. Custom UI
  11. Analytics
  12. Arkit
  13. CoreML

Something else you need contact me.


appling:Very good! He just gets on with it! Like a true

zubairghori:Thanks appling.

nicosantos27:As usual excellent work


rauhmelfoxceo:I am grateful for his contributions.

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