I will do natural language processing using deep learning, cnn, lstm


During my PhD, with extensive experience of working on NLP tasks, this gig is created to help those who are in need of basic understanding and modeling of natural language processing tasks such as sentiment detection, deep learning feature generation, classification and exploratory data analysis of text problems. I am expert in text analysis and classification using both shallow features such as BOW/TFIDF and deep features using LSTMs, CNNs.


:I am really happy with his work. This was my second buy. He is really good in Machine Learning, Deeplearning and NLP. I highly recommand him for this tasks!

:This NER + Deep Learning task is very difficult. But, Haroon as usual, delivered this work with so much perfection and high quality in a timely manner. Highly recommended with no doubts.

:Super fast and high quality delivery by following the requirements closely. Expert in this field of Deep learning and machine learning. Highly recommended…. Thanks haroon for your high quality work.

:Great customer to work with…

:I’m non-technical and working with Haroon is very easy because he is very experienced and helpful. Will continue purchasing from Haroon going forward.

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