I will do it for you.


I will scrape some data in some websites that you need. Give me the detailed information so that I can extract the data for you


:worst ever experience …!!! get no response and file has alot of duplicate that he even didn’t removed from it and didn’t even add state to get perfect idea of the data ….!!! overall bad experience …!!!\nnever ever recommend or hire such a non serious person

:bad buyer. not asking for a revision, instead he immediately gave a review for me. he also gave me a wrong review and he did not provide additional terms

:Always satisfied\nExcellent Script\nExcellent Service\n\nVery very Recomended Seller

:Always awesome job\nFast Respond service\nVery Recomended\n\nI will make project again with this seller

:Satisfied..\nExcelent service..\n\nWait for next development project

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