I will do english to native german translation



Are you looking for someone who will perfectly translate you files to German or English, and you want a translation that perfectly fits a target audience or a specific context?

Then use my services Today.  

I am called Lisa Wunram with 5 Years experience in translation.

Native German with strong command in German /English. I can perfectly translate from English to German and vice versa.

I am,

  • Well versed in providing translation services
  • able to interpret Technical contents and translating them perfectly in German or English 

About files such as images and scans of documents, the price will depend on the complexity of the document.

My translation;

  • They are done manually.
  • proofread  all files before delivering.
  • I will contact you immediately in case I have a question
  • I will provide extra fast services depending on my availability.
  • files with above 2000 words, I can send a customized offer, depending on our agreements. 

 It will be perfect if you contact me first before placing your order.

All your documents are absolutely confidential!
I’ll tweet about your Business or Amazon Product.

Thank you in Advance!!


:Exceedingly impressive

:Perfect translation!

:Thanks, great job.

:Consistent quality

:Perfect translation and fast delivery!! Am happy. Thank you!

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