I will do cfd and finite element analysis using ansys


Note: Please inbox me before placing the

I’m an Industrial Engineer from University of Engineering &
Technology Taxila. I am very expert in ANSYSwith good
skills in CFD & FEA Simulation. If you have a project
on CFD % FEA. Don’t hesitate to contact me.Ihave done many
projects inANSYS.

I will draw 3D Model from 2D models and I will Draw Assembly of
Multiple Parts. I can also make report and presentation regarding
I’ll also design onother Software’s like AutoCAD, ARENA,
and Solidworks depending on the design type and requirements.
Ican also create simulation of designed parts and perform
analysis of designs.

Delivery time depends on complexity of parts.
AlthoughI’ll try to deliver in 24 Hours.

In case the part or drawing is complex and bigger in size,
you should place multiple orders which we could discuss before
you place one.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need report or
presentation regarding the required model.

Note: First 10 Buyers will get extras free. Best Offer on







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