I will do applied econometrics time series


 I will apply econometric methods to help you in your work. 

¿Do you need to develop econometrics models? ¿Carry out economic and statistical analyses? 

¿Prepare dissertations, projects and thesis? 

I can do it. I have experience in the field of econometrics derived from my work in the academic and business world.

 I offer these services:

  • Logistic Regression
  • Smoothing Methods – Holt linear and winters seasonal linear.
  • Unit Root Test – Augmented Dickey-Fuller.
  • Breakpoint Unit Root Test – Zivot and Andrews, Perron.
  • ARIMA Models.
  • Volatility Models – Arch, Garch, Egarch, Smooth-transition garch, Mgarch.
  • Autoregressive Vector Models (VAR).
  • Single-Equation Cointegration Test – Engle-Granger test, phillips-ouliaris method.
  • Cointegration – Johansen Cointegration Test, Error Correction Vector Models (VEC).
  • Dynamic Regression – Distributed lag model, Error Correction Model.
  • Multilevel Models
  • Panel Data Models
  • Help with research papers

**Or any other work in the area of econometrics or time series analysis**

*** Please contact me before placing your order and discuss your request in depth***





:Absolutely amazed at the quality of work provided. Aets017 is a very experienced at econometrics and more importantly, has really good reporting/writing skills. Would highly recommend seller for any econometrics and statistics work.

:The buyer behaved appropriately, there was very good communication and he keeps his promises.

:Very pleased with the finished product- above my expectations and would use again

:It was an interesting job and there was a respectful treatment at all times.

:High quality work. He knows what he is doing and highly professional. More than satisfied with the output.

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