I will do a character voice or voice over


I will record an mp3 in up to two voices (total of 150 words) of your choosing!

OR, pay a little extra and I’ll record more words, do 3-5 voices in a single gig, and/or deliver in a higher-quality format (AIFF)! Great for games, podcasts, cartoons, commercials or whatever else you want me to read!

Voices include, but are not limited to:

– Old man
– 2 year old
– Frog puppet (Kermit)
– News Announcer
– Tough Guy
– British
– Cockneye
– Redneck
– Didgeridoo
– Cool Dude

Not to mention…
– Scottish
– Irish
– Mickey
– Barney
– Yoda
– Gollum

…and more!


Please provide the script!
Please include phonetic spelling of any potentially difficult to pronounce words.
This is a one-take deal. No refunds unless there’s an error on my part or you paid in advance for a revision.

Please indicate which voice you’d like, or if you’d like me to surprise you. 

If you’re not sure whether I’ll be able to do what you’re asking, contact me before placing an order.


:Amazing! Chris voice talent is incredible, great person to work with.

:Great as usual! He has such an excellent talent in acting voice! He even had some additional expressions that didn’t provided in our script, which amazed us a lot. One of our short-listed voice artists on this platform!

:Thank you for work! All Fine and fast!

:That’s a really amazing and professional voice talent work with us

:Great work!!!

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