I will do 10h FASTEST Excel Data Entry, Manipulation, Merge, Cleanup, Formatting, and Analysis!


Are you stuck with your excel spreadsheet work and need help? Just tell me your spreadsheet problem, I will find a quick solution for you!

I will BE your Excel Superstar and provide you Excel Data Entry, Data Manipulation, Data Merge, Data Cleanup and Formatting services!

I am offering ALL sorts of Excel data entry and data manipulation services such as:

  • Scan/PDF to Excel conversion
  • Collect data from a website to excel
  • Collect data from directory to excel
  • Research and fill the missing data fields
  • Merge multiple excel data into one master file
  • Data formatting/reformatting/cleaning
  • Data dedup/remove duplicates
  • Simple data manipulation
  • The first name and Last name separation
  • City, State, Zip code separation
  • Data type and format setting
  • Basic and Intermediate level calculation
  • Help with Vlookup, Pivot Tables, Formulas, Conditional Formatting

PS: Please contact me before placing an order so that we can discuss and offer you a better solution.


:great job and super fast delivery!

:This was a real quick job. Thank you so much.:)

:Very responsive and quick turnaround.

:Fast deliveries and revisions. Great job all in all.

:Disappointing! He received Fast delivery, great results, and a couple of free revisions. Then why such low rating? No logic at all. I will reserve my right NOT to work with you in the future.

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