I will display your product on this famous monument


This gig offers you a very unique way to advertise your product
on a huge display vertically falling of the “arc de triomphe”.
This gig is specifically designed to be a standard 20 sec

It can also be used for a lot of other things, such as displaying
a message, image, anything! (see full preview video).

A few notes:
Anything you want to display should be in a 500 x 550 image. If
you don’t have that, agig extra for content creation is
offered, in which your content will be professionally designed
for you to go perfectly with the display.

The final video will be delivered in standard quality . A gig
extra for Full HD is available.

The sound effects in the video preview (traffic ambiance etc) are
a part of this gig and will be included in the video, however if
you need a background music, perfectly synced with the video,
there is an extra for that as well.

Thanks for considering this gig and dont forget to check our
other awesome gigs! especially the SkyDive
and the Military Aircraft Flyer Drop

All the best folks!


mvanosch:love it, perfect!

azzzzzerty:Very good job!

bibliodoc:very good your work, congratulations

motionlife:Awesome, thanks

azzzzzerty:This is perfect!

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