I will create custom twitch emotes and sub badges


I make custom designed Emotes and Sub Badges. (For Twitch and/or YouTube) 
When ordering: 
First specify an emote or a sub badge. Then you must give me a sentence, paragraph, or reference photo of what you want. Afterwards, I will begin the emote/sub-badge. I will send you a sketchoutline of the emote/sub-badge for confirmation, and then proceed to the coloring and refining.

For every emote and sub badge, there is 1 revision. 
You will receive:
Emotes will be sent in the PNG Format and in the three different sizes needed:
1. 112 x 112 pixels
2. 56 x 56 pixels
3. 28 x 28 pixels 

Sub Badges will be sent in the PNG Format and in the three different sizes needed:
1. 72 x 72 pixels
2. 36 x 36 pixels
3. 18 x 18 pixels
Along with the Emotes and Sub badges, I also send the source file(s) which is 125 x 125 pixels. (This can be used in Discord).

(Additionally, I include another PNG image with all items and your Twitch name displayed. This will be 500×500 px)

If you have any other questions, be sure to message me.


:Nothing to complain!

:Again, amazing work from this Seller. Couldn’t be happier with the emotes and I will definitely be working with this Seller again. Thank you for the communication and fast delivery!

:I had a fantastic experience with this Seller! Communication was excellent, delivery was very fast, and the badges were exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to working with this Seller again very soon.

:She did a great job with these! 🙂

:Pandacat150 listened to all of the feedback, and made the edits based of what I was looking for. The animated emotes are cute, fun, and awesome to share on Twitch! Response time was great, and delivered on time.

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