I will create a slideshow video with images, text, music


These are promotional explainer videos which are fantastic to
promote your products or services.

Who would use these types of videos?

  • Anyone who provides a service (i.e. real estate agent,
    plumber, electrician, contractor, hair stylist, medical office,
  • Anyone who wants to advertise a product (either their own
    product, or an affiliate product).
  • Anyone who wants to create awareness for themselves, an
    event, or anything else!

These type of videos are highly engaging, thus they are also high

You can have your own images and/or video included (i.e. pictures
of your store, your products, etc.).

You provide the script, and then background music and/or a
voiceover can be added.

These can be used as short video ads, or as longer sales videos.

You can upload the video to your website, YouTube, Facebook,
Twitter, etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions!







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