I will build or modify excel or google spreadsheet


i will build Custom Excel templates as per your requirements
including but not limited to Advanced formulas, Macros and VB
Applications, Charts and Pivot tables/PowerPivot. A short list,of
what we can do in Excel would include:

  • The ability to pull data from multiple worksheets, workbooks
    or downloaded data files into a single, easy to read formatted
  • Generate invoices, contracts, time sheets or work orders in
    Excel or export Excel data into a defined Microsoft Word
  • Use Excel as a database. For example entering or selecting a
    part number can look up and populate any information related to
    that part such as the product descriptions, cost, markups, etc.
  • Custom business intelligence reporting based on multiple or
    single criteria. For example to show sales for a person, region,
    unit for the last month/year, compared to previous month/year,


Discuss scope of work before ordering as multiple gigs may apply
based on the scope of work.


:Top notch continued support… thank you!!!

:Amazing service!

:Outstanding experience

:Amazing service!

:Outstanding experience

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